Interior Painting- Surfaces that can be painted, drywall, wood, plaster, concrete, laminates, fiberglass. We use canvas tarps on floors, plastic on furniture when painting. We like to make repairs needed before painting such as primering, staining, putty dents and scrapes, repair holes, fix nail pops, caulk baseboards, door frames if needed and we move furniture and take plate covers off. We put up test samples of paint to ensure you like the color. We will apply 1 or 2 coats of paint depending on what the customer needs or wants. For your indoor health use paints with no { volatile organic compounds.}

Exterior Painting- Surfaces that can be painted, wood, composite siding, asbestos shingles, vinyl siding, concrete, metal, plastic, brick,  aluminum, fiberglass, Masonite. We power wash project, make any repairs needed, replace rotten wood,  scrape/wire brush/primer any peeling areas, caulk split seams, properly prepare so when we apply paint it will last a long time. We put up test samples of paint to ensure you like the color.

Power Washing-Washing exterior of houses, vinyl siding, gutters, decks, fencing, driveways, concrete sidewalks, and roofs.

Repairs- Anything you can paint or stain can be repaired on most surfaces that are unable to be replaced or too expensive to do with new material. Can be achieved with epoxy type fillers, putty, wood fillers, fiberglass, and these repairs last longer than the original repair and is guarantee.

Drywall Repairs and new drywall- Water damage, hole repairs, dents, scrapes, texturing, sand texturing, orange peel texture, popcorn ceiling texture, acoustic ceiling texture. 

New Interior wood installed- Fascia boards, siding, shutters, window trim, deck repairs, fence repairs, posts, columns, hand rails, trim boards.

New Interior wood installed- Base boards, crown molding, doors, doors and jams, window trim, window sills, fireplace molding, and cabinet trim.

Caulking- We use silicone's for around window, tubs/showers, sink areas and we use a 55 year paintable caulk for all other split seam and cracks that need to be caulked.

Primering- Surfaces that are stained, peeling, and slick need to be primered with the proper product to ensure new paint will last a long time. Other items that need primering is new drywall, wood, metal,plastics with the proper product to ensure it adheres properly.

Deck and Fence staining- All surfaces are power washed and if mildew problems exist, they can be treated before they are resealed or stained with a solid stain or semi-transparent.